Sunday 8 Oct 2017

You are familiar with Buitenwerkplaats as a great place you can rent space for workshops and retreats! It is also an outstanding location for hosting creativity and thinking. Therefor we've started a new foundation: cultureland

You are invited to the launch of cultureland: a foundation that organizes creative work periods, projects and activities at the cutting edge of culture and nature. Cultureland began an Artist In Residence program in January 2017, giving artists time and space to develop work relating to the landscape and natural environment. The first residencies have been completed and we are proud of the results. You are welcome from 3-7pm on Sunday 8th October, to find out about the program and meet some of the residency artists. There will be art on display, presentations and small discussions, and of course delicious refreshments. This is why we would like to know who is coming, please get your free tickets here >> We want to reach out to a new audience with the launch and are looking for people that are inspired by the program and wish to contribute to it. We look forward to meeting you on 8th October! If you are not able to come on this date, but are interested in learning more about cultureland, please let us know: info@cultureland.nlpictures/Cultureland_Logo.png Kind regards, Dagobert Bergmans & Maud Aarts On behalf of the board of cultureland, Berith Danse (Chairman), Heleen Frenkel, Michiel van der Kaaij, Jan Dekker and Carly Everaert  read more

Open call cultureland 2018

Monday 30 Oct 2017

Almost 375 years ago, the water of the Starnmeer was pumped away by windmills and the lake became land. The Dutch tradition of taking control over nature in order to gain fertile agricultural lands feels very natural to its citizens. Today, the people have forgotten about the dynamics of the land and take their safety for granted. But recent insights on the climate-change and the potential for flooding, taking 'dry feet' for granted. With the natural disasters ever increassingly reported on the news we might have to question our perceptions! Foreign perspectives allow for new and refreshing observations.

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Topographic studies in shades of green

Thursday 31 Aug 2017

The project is a series of mixed media work on paper, inspired by the unique geometric forms of the polder landscape. The three-dimensional bodies installed throughout space serve as a base. Drawings, paintings and thread together with colour, form and texture show a unique play between abstract and figurative forms. The whole portrays a re-imagined ecosystem that makes a connection with imaginary flora based on the nature found in the Netherlands region.


You are cordually invited on Thursday 31 August to admire the work of Vero Glezqui. The artist will talk about her work around six o'clock.

Locatie: Storefront 181, Admiraal de Ruijterweg 181, 1056 GD Amsterdam

Date: Thursday 31 augustus from 17:00 till 20:00

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Who would have guessed an avocado pit provides a shade of pink?

Thursday 3 Aug 2017

Sofia van Leeuwen (b. 1981) presents new paintings inspired by the plants and pigments of the Dutch landscape, including those found on the kitchen table. Join her in a conversation about contemporary painting and lasting color. She will share her research and ideas about plant-based color found in the past and present-day Netherlands.


Van Leeuwen is a Cultureland AiR (Artist-in-Residence), a program inviting artists to develop work around the themes of nature and culture.

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Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
075 641 17 74

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