Flowering Meadows for horses

Lecture on recent research: How do you develop healthy, natural pastures for horses?pictures/Paarden_in_bloemrijk_grasland.jpg

Horses become ill as they graze in pastures with nutritious grasses. In grassland with lots of herbs remains a horse just healthier. But how do you develop that healthy, natural pastures for horses? Wageningen University presents the results of research on this topic in Laag Holland and Landsrade helps horse owners in grassland management. The lectures are in Den Ilp and in Star Lake.

Horses benefit from natural herb-rich grassland. Which according to recent research by Wageningen University. Horses have in fact prone to thick legs, laminitis or colic as they graze on pasture with mostly nutritious grasses. This is the meadow where cattle prefer to graze. Of course managed grasslands with many herbaceous plants close, however, better suited to the nutritional needs of the horse.

But how do you know if horse holder which herbs and grasses are good for your horse? And how do you develop pastures avoid these herbs naturally? What management should you carry that? During the lectures, addresses these questions.

Horse owners can also register on the evenings for free advice and guidance on the management of their pastures. The province of North Holland is funding this. Because if horse owners to manage their natural grasslands, that's good for nature and especially for grassland birds such as the black-tailed godwit, lapwing and redshank.

Further information

The lectures on Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 will take place on the Outside Workshop, at 19.45 and its (free) available to horse owners who are established in Laag Holland (the area between Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Alkmaar, Hoorn and Avenhorn). Register with Landsrade: info@landerade.nl stating your name and address. After registration you will receive the program and the address of the location. For more information on www.landerade.nl/paarden-in-weiden.

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