Workshop Making a Short Film on your Smartphone

Short films have become more popular recently on websites and social media. Attractive moving images can convince people to do business with you, booking your meeting space or your band! The good news is that making short films for social media really is not that difficult and all you need is a smartphone or a tablet. You can learn the basic techniques in a day!

Linda On Location organizes such a day at Buitenwerkplaats. Especially for owners of locations, but actually this day is really suitable for all entrepreneurs who want to learn vlogging!

When? Monday May 30 at Buitenwerkplaats, costs € 150
Register here.


The workshop will be given by John and Richard van Rooijen from BroerZ. They will give you tips on the technical and creative side of the making, but also about how to make your message suitable for short film.  After this sharp introduction, we will quickly get to work, because this will only work when you know how to do it at the end of the day: gathering moving material to build a storyline!

Read the article by Linda Kerkhoven here about vlogging on

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