Artist In Residence

The programm for Artists In Residence by Cultureland offers a combination of staying in Amsterdam and at  Buitenwerkplaats. More information about the programm, dates and how to apply here.

Studies on the essence of time

Saturday 1 Jul 2017

The Austrian based artists Bosko Gastager and Kata Hinterlechner combine the qualities of art and design to develop site specific projects beyond poetic fiction and empiric fact, dealing with the relationship between human and nature.

For the "Studies on the essence of time" Gastager and Hinterlechner develop a series of artworks which encourage the viewer to take a look back in recent past and to reflect on the changes in landscape, cultural techniques, work processes, traditions and identity.


Saturday 1 July Cultureland will present the work of Bosko and Kata

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projects for Cultureland

Sunday 25 Jun 2017

All the artist for Cultureland Residency Program 2017 are now selected:

Vero Glezqui (Mexico), visual artist
Lukas Vejnik (Austria), architect
Óscar Valero Sáez (Spain), architect
Brent Meistre (Italy / SouthAfrica),
Katrin Maurer (Austria), visual artist
Emma Hall (Australia), actor, writer, politics
Stefan Nestoroski (Italië), visual artist

Cultureland strives for an earth where everybody finds beauty and consolation.

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Cultureland open call for applications

Monday 12 Jun 2017

Cultureland provides new periods in 2017, open for application NOW!

Periods available
week 28 starts 10 July - 04 September 2017
week 32 starts 07 August - 02 October 2017
week 36 starts 04 September - 30 October 2017
week 40 starts 02 October - 27 November 2017
week 44 starts 30 October - 25 December 2017

Download the Application Cultureland

APPLY BEFORE Monday 12 JUNE 2017.

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open studio Sophia van Leeuwen

Sunday 28 May 2017

Sofia van Leeuwen is a visual artist from Northern California. During her residency at Cultureland, she explores the idea of "not-landscape" through the writings of Rosalind Krauss. Come see her work in progress and the plants that have been her source of color and inspiration for the past month.

Dates: Sunday, May 21st and 28th from 12 until 6 pm
at Buitenwerkplaats: Starnmeerdijk 6, 1488 AG, Starnmeer

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Ricardo Domeneck

Thursday 11 May 2017


Zoopoetics: Approaching the Other & the Same
Our current writer-in-residence Ricardo Domeneck will give a reading about his research on the concept of "Zoopoetics", and talk about his text on Dutch colonialism in Brazil from the perspective of...

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Starnmeerdijk 6
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