The main building at BUITENWERKPLAATS is a large, rebuilt farmhouse. The building stands together with its annexes on a lengthy plot of land that stretches along the dike of the Noord-Hollands Canal. From right to left in this drawing: The former farmhouse, the workshop and stables around the central square, attached to the stables (far left) are the future studios that shelter the orchard.

BWP 2010 erf



The workshop is situated in the outhouse that was once used for keeping horse carriages. It is divided into two areas: a steel workshop and a wood workshop, these are separated by large cabinets that contain tools and materials. Please ask us about the possibility of using mechanical equipment for your project. The workshop is heated up to a working temperature of 15 degrees. With good weather, the large doors to the central square can be opened. This is also practical for the delivery of materials.

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The orchard

You can catch a glance of the orchard from all of our buildings. It sits between the workshops and the dike, and is a sensational part of the yard, for there is something to see in all seasons. There are blossoms in the springtime when the rest of the garden is still asleep. It is a fine area for dinner on summer evenings and in the harvest period: from Morello cherries in July, till cooking pears in October!

BWP 2012 een borrel in de boomgaard



The vegetable garden

Behind the workshops is a large vegetable garden. It is a paradise for children and for birds, as it is full of shrubs covered with berries that can be nibbled! The blackcurrants are cultivated for making the world's most wonderful jam; the raspberries and other berries are ideal as children's candies. We also grow vegetables for our own use: carrots, green beans, peas, pumpkins, potatoes, eggplants, spinach, lettuce and more, to be eaten fresh from the garden.BWP 2013 moestuin ui


Swimming pond

Hidden between the reedbeds is a swimmingpond. You may chill out here after or before worksessions and get some excercise. You swim level to the cows in the meadow across the ditch, that come looking at you curiously.BWP 2011 zwemvijver


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