Artist In Residence

The programm for Artists In Residence by Cultureland offers a combination of staying in Amsterdam and at  Buitenwerkplaats. More information about the programm, dates and how to apply here.

Nomansland II by Heleen Langkamp

Sunday 9 Apr 2017

'What will hapen when two time-dimensions (each with their own atmosphere and dynamics) touch or meet, will it create new dynamics?' This is the central question in Heleen's residency period at Amsterdam and Buitenwerkplaats. She is invited by Cultureland AIR.


Will the collision of the different time-dimensions create a new zone or a new experience? How will the spectator react to this visual dialogue between the systematic external time-experience and the comtemplative time-experience? Heleen uses her personal reflections in a 3dimensional installation Nomansland II, revealed and projected on several transparant walls.

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Claudio Beorchia

Sunday 19 Mar 2017

First Cultureland Project presented: Sunday 19 March
You are cordially invited to see and listen to the work of Claudio Beorchia:

i Guardiani del Polder, Frammenti di una mitologia affiorata

"During my time here in the polder I did an astonishing discovery: I found an old document written in an unknown ancient ideographic alphabet. In these last days I deciphered it. The document is short, just some lines for every character, written in some kind of poetry. It tells the legends of mythological figures that inhabit and protect the polder".

Admiraal de Ruyterweg 181 storefront, Amsterdam, at 16.00
Artist's Talk at 17.00
Free entrance R.S.V.P.

In the polder, reporting for the southern gods
"The project wants to be a reflection about the water landscape of polders, a landscape extremely different from the one from which I come. The reflection is developed through a fiction: I imagine to be a hypothetical reporter sent by the Southern gods to discover this territory created by man."

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Residents selected for Cultureland

Monday 6 Feb 2017

We proudly present you the participants of Cultureland. These Artists In Residence will work both in Amsterdam and at Buitenwerkplaats on projects inspired by the specific qualities of these locations.

We have received 46 proposals in total from many different disciplines an from 22 different countries! We have selected 7 passionate professionals to explore the possibilities of Cultureland, this coming half year. We hope the Dutch retreat will be a meaningful impulse for them:

Claudio Beorchia (Italy), Artist & Designer
Heleen Langkamp (Netherlands), Visual Artist
Ricardo Domeneck (Brasil), Writer
Sofia van Leeuwen (USA), Visual Artist
Bosko Gastager (Austria), Graphic Designer & Artist
Stefan Nestoroski (Italy), Artist
Gaile Griciute (Lithuania), Composer, Sound Artist & Improviser


Let's make this earth a home for all, filled with beauty and consolation.

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Sunday 1 Jan 2017

Cultureland aims to research and make the links between the urban and the rural, between art and science, between disciplines and between cultures. The connections are encouraged by organizing working periods and activities for professionals where they can temporarily take some distance from the urban environment and their daily work.  read more

Maartje Teussink

Monday 10 Oct 2016

Organic Cities is a quest to translate urban impressions into a musical composition in natural environment. At Buitenwerkplaats the score is produced and some of the (live) soundscape are developed by playing improvisations on an installation of instruments and recording them. This installation of instruments consists of small percussion instruments like timpani, xylophone, Thai call, cowbell, cajon, basins - stringed instruments such as double bass, electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, bouzouki - electronic tools such as sampler, synthesizer - vocals.

Keep posted on her residency at Buitenwerkplaats at Maartje Teussink's blog

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Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
+31 75 641 17 74