Cultureland aims to research and make the links between the urban and the rural, between art and science, between disciplines and between cultures. The connections are encouraged by organizing working periods and activities for professionals where they can temporarily take some distance from the urban environment and their daily work.

Cultureland starts a new program in 2017 for Artists In Residence (AIR) where a stay in Amsterdam is combined with a working period at Buitenwerkplaats.

A professional from abroad will be welcomed in Amsterdam for 2 weeks, so that they can orient themselves in the bustling citylife visiting museums, theater, university and possibly friends and relatives. After this the guest retreats to Buitenwerkplaats for 4 weeks of studying or composing, writing, experimenting. Finally, there is 2 weeks back in Amsterdam where the project could be presented to the public. We favor those proposals that establish a relation with a local institution to present, preform or discuss the results of the project. We are talking with several partners about implementation of this program, but until summer 2017 we offer the spaces through an open call: 

Perhaps you woul like to invite a professional from abroad that has something to offer in your field, or who simply deserves an 'invitation to retreat'? Send him or her the enclosed invitation! The deal for 2017 is that we offer the space + a bike + € 500 materials. The Artist In Resident provides a budget for food and tickets and for 2 months time to experiment and develop!

Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
+31 75 641 17 74